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About use

Do I have to create an account to use your site?

I'm sorry but yes, you have to create an account with us.

I want product that is not on your site・・・

Of course it is all right.
We will look for it and purchase・shipment responsibly.
At first please let us know about the product what you want through our inquiry form.
Later on we will let you know by e-mail with the total cost.

My address is where I'm homestaying but can I still use the address?

Yes it`s ok.
There may be a possibility that your ordered product may be a dutiable so you need to let the host family that you're expecting package to be deliver.
please fill out your neme when you create an account.
You can add your host family's name (C/O) at the time of check out

Can't you tell me before if it's dutiable?
What should I do if dutiable?

We can`t say anything about duty customs
That's because it's depends on the country and products.
I can`t really tell becasue it`s pretty much up to the person of the customs.

It is going to be your responsible about how the custom work.

Please to confirm World Customs Organization in detail.

Can you send anything other than cigarettes?

Basically we will send you anything you wish as long as that`s not illigal products.
I will do by individual correspondence though it doesn't serve on HP because the union of the carriage and the commission (cost), etc. is difficult.

< Cost of other standards >
Price money (actual expenses)+ expense account (expenditure costs to acquire thing)+ shipping charge (actual expenses)+ commission ¥2,000?)

Please contact wanted goods from the inquiry form. I will present the cost.

I want Flip-top Box Cigarettes,But there is only soft pack of cigarettes...

Let us know from checkout page.


Payment methods

Can I pay with credit card?

I'm sorry. Credit?card?company don't let us to accept?credit?card?settlement?anymore.?


Shipping methods

What is EMS?

It is the earliest and is safe shipping method.
EMS include a insurance & tracking service.
Please confirm it in detail on the site of Japanese postal service.

Can you send them to anywhere in the world?

There is no problem if it is basically a country that can send it out by Japanese postal service.
However, there is a country that cannot pursue it according to the country.

I didn't receive my order yet・・・

There is a pursuit number if it is EMS. I will do the follow-up survey based on the number,
contact our company if you still haven`t receive after 1 month since we send it out.

It is left in an absent, local post office, and there is unusually what returns to our company in several months.
Please to contact your local post office .

Can the column there be specified here though there is a part where contents and the amount of money are described to the invoice?

Yes, you can.
Because our company is sending it out based on the request from the customer, you may specify it on the customer side.
There is a "Comments" part where you can filled in at the time of check out.
You can suggest how to write down to the label for description and value.



How many packs are in one carton?

One Carton is 10 Boxes of cigarettes.

What is "TO-WORLD FEE"?

It is our fee.
It's included CC payment fee / handling fee / expense for to get your products.


All of our list of products are not duty free items.
We collect these items from Japanese market.
We do not accept returned goods and exchange.
Because our service is to help self importing.

Also,we don't refund in normally if the package was returned to us or get taxed by the customs in your country. Let us to know if this happened.
  • California, USA
  • Hawaii, USA
  • Arizona, USA
[Bank wire transfer to Japanese bank]
*All fee for wire transfer is your fee.
[Bitcoin payment]
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[Japan Post]
EMS : Safe and fastest way trackable.
The service of TO-WORLD.COM is a purchasing agent instead of you.
TO-WORLD.COM will not be liable for charged customs, packages held or confiscated by customs.
*Your country may charge additional taxes or duties on your order when it enters your country.
You are responsible for paying any additional charges.
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